Course Aim

    The aim of the course is to provide the knowledge on how to develop and administer Search and Rescue Organization for Civil Aviation Authorities

    Who should attend:

    • Senior-level personnel from civil aviation administrations, air navigation service providers, airport authorities, airlines and other related agencies or industries involved in the management and administration of a SAR organisation or unit.

Course Objectives

    After completing the course, the participants shall be able to:

    • Develop the structure and policy of Search and Rescue Organization
    • Develop search and rescue in the line with emerging needs
    • Create effective and efficient co-operation between the various Government Departments, the emergency services and other organisations including voluntary agencies for the provision of an effective Search and Rescue service at national and, where appropriate, international levels
    • To establish the framework for their own Search and Rescue Mission unit as described in their own strategic overview
    • To provide Terms of Reference for the Search and Rescue Mission unit

Course Overview

    The course duration is 10 days and it is available as a classroom or in-company course.